Disney, Day Two

26 Mar

Grandy & Harry

After watching High School Musical, we decided to split off from my parents and the kiddos so Mojo and I could ride the Great Movie Ride, a trip through the movie age.  It was really fun, and I realized that I have not seen near as many classics as I should….I think we will have to add some to our NetFlix Que.

My mom, dad, Button Boy and Girly Girl headed to the backlot and ran into the PowerRangers, and Button Boy got to meet the White one….I think he is called White DinoThunder (or something like that).  Girly Girl was not as amused by the PowerRangers.

Mad Girly Girl

We also saw Sully & Mike from Monsters, Inc. and watched the Voyage of the Little Mermaid (which was one of my favorite things we did the entire vacation — the girl who played Ariel sounded just like she did in the movie…it was GREAT!)…and we all enjoyed the Indiana Jones Stunt show!

Indy Button Boy

I honestly can not remember the extent of everything we did in Hollywood Studios.  There were more shows than there were rides, and Girly Girl and Button Boy became restless toward the end of the afternoon.  Since we did not have any “sit down meal” reservations for that evening, we did leave the park early and did not see “Fantasmic.”  We were tired and Button Boy would not have handled the noise and dramatic effects from it as well as he had handled Indiana Jones.

That evening Button Boy had dinner with my parents at The Mara, the quick service restaurant in Animal Kingdom Lodge (it is where we had breakfast every morning).  Mojo, Girly Girl and I headed out to Downtown Disney’s MarketPlace to do some window shopping and to find a Christmas ornament.  Downtown Disney was a lot of fun…we got to go in a lot of stores and see lots of expensive scrapbooking items (which, most of you will be surprised to hear, I was frugal and didn’t buy any….in other words, I was a good girl!).  Girly Girl had lots of fun spending time with just me and her Daddy….and on the way back to Animal Kingdom Lodge, we got a glimpse of the Epcot Fireworks!  They were lovely!

Mickey Ears Girly Girl

One Response to “Disney, Day Two”

  1. charla March 30, 2008 at 5:21 pm #

    Looks like you guys had a great time!!

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