Disney, Day Two

24 Mar

We spent day two in the magic of the realm of Disney by visiting the Hollywood Studios park.  We had once again planned on taking advantage of “Magic Hours” by getting there early — but Grandmommy and the kiddos had a difficult acclamating to the Daylight Savings time change and change to the Eastern time zone in the same morning….so, we got there at the time the park opened for everyone.

The first thing we did was get our stroller (one of my many suggestions to people who are traveling with children….rent a stroller @ the parks for your entire stay…it is $18 a day and you can charge it to your room, if you are staying in the WDW Resort….it is nice to walk in with your paid ticket and go to the front of the line because you don’t have to pay) — then we began searching for a  PhotoPass cast member.  A complaint, of which I don’t have many, is that I didn’t see near enough PhotoPass cast members…for the prices they expect you to pay for the pictures after you have seen them and fallen in love with them, you would think they would be every 5 or so yards, but they were not.  While looking for the PhotoPass cast members, we found Chip & Dale….stood in line and the kids got their autographs and pictures with them!

Chip & Dale

After seeing Chip & Dale, we lucked into the fact the High School Musical 2 show was being set up, so we sat down and got front row seats to see what we thought was going to be Gabriella, Troy, Shar-pay, Ryan, Chad & Taylor, but it wasn’t….it was just people up on a stage talking about the musical and singing the songs, which was fine….it was good!

High School Musical

High School Musical


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