Disney, Day One Photos

20 Mar
We spent the day running around looking at as much as we could.  Button Boy had some issues with being overwhelmed and intimidated by a lot….we did get to ride Dinosaur, and have a great 8 x 10 of Girly Girl riding with her eyes closed and my hand covering her face!  We also had our first snack on the Disney Meal Plan (which I recommend to anyone going!) — we all got pretzels…and they were GIANT!!!  The kids and I could have eaten one, instead we got one EACH! 
We loved “Nemo – the musical” and “Festival of the Lion King.”  They were both done very well….Mojo’s favorite was the Lion King, the actors were so talented!  My favorite was Nemo, the puppets and artistry in it was amazing!  The kids loved “It’s Tough To Be A Bug,” in fact they still talk about the stink bug in it!
I really wanted to ride Expedition Everest, but by the time we got to that part of the park it was time for our dinner reservation at The Yak and The Yeti.  WONDERFUL FOOD!  My dad had the baby back ribs, YUM!  Mojo had the shrimp tempura, looked YUM!  I had the maple glazed chicken, VERY YUM!  The kiddos had chicken fingers and an egg roll…and my mom had dimsum and pot stickers (Girly Girl loved them!)  With the Disney Meal Plan, in your meals adults get an entree, desert and non-alcoholic drink…for desert my dad and Mojo had this sinful brownie sunday thing….I had gelato!  The kids meals, on their Disney Meal Plan, must be ordered off the kids menu and they get an appetizer, entree, desert and drink….so they shared the brownie thing!  Much more food than any of us really should have eaten!!!
Animal Kingdom was great!  It is, I believe, the second smallest park behind MGM….and therefore; a half day was just about right….we could have spent another few hours to get to see a few other things, but the kids and my parents had begun to fade,
it was a long day!
(notice in the Mickey picture I had to hold Button Boy, in the Goofy picture he actually got down and walked…still a little nervous, though)
Brer Rabbit & Brer Bear
The Animal Kingdom Parade had Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear, two of Button Boy’s favorite characters! 
Float in Animal Kingdom Parade
an example of the neat floats in the parade, most of the floats were “people powered!”

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