9 Mar

I have been updating my status on FaceBook with the following:

Emily is counting __ more sleeps — the kiddos still don’t know!!!

Well, it has peaked a bunch of interest….what does __ more sleeps mean?  What are we not telling the kiddos??  WHAT IS GOING ON???? 

At long last, I can tell everyone!  Secrets are horrible things…they eat at me….that is why most people won’t tell them to me….I can’t keep them to myself!  I get all excited and lose my head and begin the babble (don’t forget my Dad’s favorite nickname for me!).

Speaking of my Dad….he and my mother are treating my small little humble (and poor) family to a trip to DISNEY WORLD!!!!  It is absolutely thrilling to get to go with our babies!  I can not wait to see the magical world of Walt Disne through their eyes! 

We will be staying at the   Animal Kingdom   lodge and spending at least one day in each of the four parks.

I hope to update my blog every day or so with what we are doing and maybe a picture or two…but I will not promise anything because I have no clue how tired we will be each day.

Many of you may know my dh’s warped sense of humor…well, he gave my Daddy the wonderful idea of keeping this trip from the children until the morning we get into the van to actually drive to Orlando.  So, I have been sitting on this secret for right at a month….AND IT IS KILLING ME!  I CAN FINALLY TELL SOMEONE…ANYONE!  YAHOOEY!

Thanks for putting up with my outburst, but I had to finally yell it from the mountain tops…okay, well….just yell it!


2 Responses to “I’M SOOOOOO EXCITED!”

  1. charla March 9, 2008 at 8:55 pm #

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

  2. Christine March 10, 2008 at 7:19 am #

    Have a great time!!! Sorry I missed you guys…I was already on my way to Bama for the weekend. Love you guys!

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