Losing a Friend…

11 Jan

Blacksmith working

Being in the family of a family owned business is wonderful.  There are perks to it and there is more stress than can be imagined.  We have a close knit family at our business…my daddy is the owner, my brother is the sales manager, my dh is the CAD designer, a very close friend from high school is the general manager….then we get into some more extended relationships….the general manager is married to the office manager…the office manager’s mother and sister both work in our finishing department…their cousin works in our glass room….the cousin is working with her sister-in-law whose husband is our plant manager.  Let’s see…are there any more???  I’m sure there are, and I just don’t know about the relations!  We are southern in our business, we greet you with a smile that can be heard on the phone hundreds of miles away…we call our customers “Honey” or “Darlin'”.

Yesterday we got news that was very disturbing to us, especially since we truly consider ourselves a family.  We lost one of our own….Billy Hollon, the owner of the Forgery.  He was our blacksmith that made all of our ironwork for our beautiful entryways.  He was from Troy, AL….and we even took our kids down to visit him so he could show them how he made the art that he did.  He was truly an artist…and like some artists, he had his demons….it is my fear that he decided he could no longer battle his demons.

I will miss Mr. Billy.  He was my friend, and I am grieving over the loss of him.


One Response to “Losing a Friend…”

  1. craig kennedy May 10, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    Billy was a great guy. He awlays had time to stop and talk and explain how he did things. Billy set a great example in forgivenss and how to look at things to see that storm clouds can have silver linings. Our prayers go out to Jody and Billy’s family. Troy has lost a very special person.

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