Praying for Chrissy

18 Dec

Chrissy & Emily TSU Grads!

One of my two college roommates (not including my little brother — he wasn’t a roommate…he was family!) has been going through some difficult times in the last few weeks.  I wanted to share it with my other friends and family that read about things going on in my life here….I know there are prayer warriors out there…and I am asking for your prayers for Chrissy and her mother!

Chrissy’s mom suffered a stroke about two weeks ago.  When I got the phone call from our other roommate in Troy & Tally, things did not look promising.  Our prayers began.  God is good…and in His sovereign power He saved her and she is doing better than anyone expected.  Chrissy is in Tally right now trying to tie up some loose ends at work and at home so she can come back and take care of her mother.  Pray that Chrissy has peace about being away from her mother during the rehab days….pray that Chrissy’s mom has strength and stamina to do the things she needs to do to regain some movement on the left side of her body.  Pray for the rest of Chrissy’s family during this time that they have safe travel to and from the rehab hospital and their homes.

 God is so good in all our lives and we praise Him for the opportunity to pray for our fellow believers!


One Response to “Praying for Chrissy”

  1. charla December 18, 2007 at 9:25 pm #

    I’m glad she has you in Montgomery!

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