Weight Loss Goals…updated

7 Dec

Emily 2 years post-op

At the beginning of August 2006, I set a few goals that I wanted to see happen as a result of my WLS.  I have managed to do quite a few of them…and wanted to post them on my “new” blog and share with everyone.

Be able to ride a roller-coaster — Actually did!!!  Loved it!  Want to do it some more!

Own a “little black dress” I have one, but now that I have had my plastics, I think I need a new on…a little more conservative!

Sit at a Montgomery Biscuits game, in a stadium seat without the fear of someone sitting next to me — Was able to see the Morningview Baptist adult choir sing the National Anthem…and love it!  I love baseball!!!

Be able to hike Crabtree Falls, where MJ and I were engaged — haven’t done yet, but hoping to during the spring of 2008

Fly in an airplane and be able to connect the seat-belt without an extension  — can’t afford a plane ticket!!!

Wear a size 18 pair of blue jeans (Levi’s) — haven’t bought any, but the 20’s are falling off of me!

Not feel like the largest person in the room —I’M THERE!  Well, sort of…I still look around and try to make sure I’m not!

Not worry about fitting in a booth at a restaurant — I still worry at some restaurants, but end up fitting in the booth….that is quite a relief….

Have a shopping spree at Coldwater Creek! — My mom is taking me shopping after the new year!  Coldwater Creek & Talbot’s here I come!

Wear a bathing suit without a real bra underneath (this will be after plastic surgery) — Actually did this in October 2007…., but will really have a cute bathing suit this spring!  Can’t wait!

 I am sure there are many other things I’ll think of, but right now, these have been the biggies!  I’m not losing weight any longer, but am still losing inches….Before my surgery I was 325 lbs…now I’m 203 lbs!  I hope to be under 200 at some point in my life, but if I never make it there, I’m happy with me!

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