‘Tis the Season

6 Dec

At this time of year it is very common for us to sit back and reflect on our year.  We have had a wonderful one in my family…we found out that my brother and his wife (my “sister-in-love”) would welcome a new baby during the year…my Button Boy turned 4 (he is growing up way to fast for me to handle)…my Girly Girl turned 7 (going on 16) and began first grade (that was much more difficult than Kindergarten)…I had two surgeries that changed my body more than I could imagine…my dear sweet husband has just stood back and loved us more and more and served our church family in a new way that has been a blessing to our entire family.  With these wonderful things, we have also experienced some struggles…divorce within family and friends, illnesses and death.

We can get so carried away with the decorating, shopping, cooking, travelling and such that it is easy to forget why we celebrate Christmas.  We, as Christians, hear it all the time “Jesus is the reason for the season.”  My prayer is that we can all sit back and really consider the sovereignty of God in the birth of Christ.  God brought Christ to Earth as a baby, in a manger….but He sent Christ as a sacrifice.  As we celebrate Christ’s birth…we also celebrate His death…because without the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we have no assurance of salvation.  Praise God for His sovereignty!

Holy Night

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