My Little Bloggityville Break…

1 Nov

I have been away from Bloggityville for right at about 3 weeks now.  Not really a reason for it, other than recuperating cleaninglaziness and Blogging Block (which I now believe is an actual disease!)

We had a wonderful week of family time.  We enjoyed one another tremendously and we have spent time laughing, shopping, crying, shopping, being tired, and did I mention shopping?!  Our favorite time of year to go to the beach is in the fall.  The weather is beautiful and the water is still warm enough to get into (unless there has been a hurricane).  We stayed with my parents in a lovely home that sleeps way more people than we actually know.

My dear son got to spend Granddaddy time every morning before the sun came up…because he and his Granddaddy are the only two early birds in the family!

 Granddaddy & Button Boy

Every morning they got up, and it used to be that Button Boy would go and sit in his Granddaddy’s lap and quietly nap while Granddaddy read or they would sit and talk, but not anymore.  Button Boy is way too busy to have sweet cuddle time with anyone, unless he is half asleep.  Instead of sweet cuddle time, Button Boy was headed to the basement of the house where the beach came right up to the carport.  Granddaddy was happy to go down with him and watch him make “sand angels” and roll around in the sand….in his pajamas, I might add.

It was a sweet time to spend time with my family away from the everyday hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

I will post over the next few weeks about some of the things we did on our trip, and some pictures to go along.

Upon returning from the beach, I went on and scheduled my **last** (okay, hopefully my last) reconstructive surgery!!!  I won’t go into too many details, until I am able to post a picture or two…but suffice it to say…I’ve never looked like I do now!  It is totally amazing!!!

I will be back with a vengence, or at least a few comments here and there….hopefully beginning this weekend!  I have missed updating the bloggysphere about my everyday, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum, busy life!


One Response to “My Little Bloggityville Break…”

  1. charla November 7, 2007 at 10:16 am #

    I love this picture. Your Dad looks great! Your children are so blessed to have him in their lives.

    I really wish we could’ve joined you. We just got back last night from a few days in San Francisco–a last-minute trip which was anything but restful. But is was fun. 🙂

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