10 Oct


 Another Wednesday means another Works For Me Wednesday sponsored by Rocks In My Dryer, one of my favorite blogs to read!

This week, I’m going to share something that I learned about from one of my dear friends…who happens to be a “germaphobe”!!  I, on the other hand, am not a germaphobe. 

We got us a puppy back in June.  A lovely little Chihuahua (chi-hu-uh-hu-ua) named Peanut Butter. 

Girly Girl & Peanut Butter

 Well, being a puppy, he is not potty trained…so, we have a few uh-ohs we have to get rid of.  When that happens, I pull out the trusty ole ODO-BAN.  It eliminates odors and kills germs (for those of you who are germaphobes!).  It has saved us from many a yucky smell!!!

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