What an AWESOME God!

27 Sep

Conor and I prayed specifically for joy last night. I guess somehow in the middle of all of this, I’d forgotten that if I prayed for the ability to smile, to be able to look past – even ignore, to some degree – the imminent sadness before us, just for today, God would be faithful to answer.

I have been reading about a family in Nashville, TN, whose baby girl was born about one week ago with Trisomy-18 (Edward’s Disease).  They did not expect to even get to take Copeland home from the hospital.  She passed away Wednesday afternoon….and the glory this family has shown God is an inspiration!  Through everything they have been through, they are praising, worshipping, honoring, glorifying God!  They are not angry, not bitter….they realize that God has a purpose and a plan for all things. 

God seems to be working with every single cell in her body and doing what He always set out to accomplish with her. (Monday, September 24, 2007)

I am so thankful for the witness that Conor and Boothe have been to me, through this strange and wonderful medium of Blogging.  I will continue to pray for them as they struggle with the next days and weeks…adjusting to life with Copeland in the arms of the Father.

Please pray for them.

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