Fall Memories

25 Sep

There is a time in my life when autumn became my favorite season…I really believe it was after Maurice and I met — our first autumn together I spent 2 weeks in North Carolina with him and his sister.  We took trips to the mountains to take pictures and I fell in love with the colors, the smells, the weather…it was glorious!

 After moving back to Alabama, we have really come to treasure the true change of seasons we experienced in North Carolina.  The color was (and still is) magnificient!  The air is crisp and cool….the perfect weather to keep windows open…and still too chilly to keep them open all night!   In Alabama, we are still in hot, humid days and warm, humid nights.  That will change, but probably not until January.

One of the things I love about this time of year is decorating the house for the autumn season.  Not halloween, not Thanksgiving, but the entire season!  I love mums, pumpkins, gords, native american corn, hay bales, scarecrows and colored leaves.  It just feels homey to me! 

I am looking forward to getting my home decorated for the season!!  —  even if the weather doesn’t feel like autumn!!!


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