War Eagle!

5 Sep

It is that time of year again. College Football. In the state of Alabama, it is considered a necessity that you “choose sides.” You either root for the University of Alabama (which means that my family does not speak to you again until December…ha!) or Auburn University. Any other football team does not exist. Plain and simple. We get excited the week that we play Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, or any other team, but it only lasts for the week. The rivalry between Auburn and Alabama lasts all year long….and it is glorious!

Normally, the rivalry is good spirited…you see someone in the grocery store with an Alabama t-shirt on, you yell “WAR EAGLE!” and they giggle/laugh heartily and yell back “ROLL TIDE ROLL!” Occasionally you find an obnoxious fan (right now I am finding the most obnoxious fans are those pesky BullDawgs — love you Slava and Excogitating!) and you just move on, but mostly we get along.

So, here’s to the upcoming season…may we have fun…but remember…IT IS JUST A GAME! We can laugh and have fun, but no matter who wins or loses…



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